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The Fintech Revolution Summit was held at the New Coast Hotel Manila, Philippines, on May 24th and 25th, 2023. The event was attended by several prominent speakers, including Lito Villanueva, Chief Innovation & Inclusion Officer/Executive Vice President of Allience of Digital Finance Associations – Philippines; Yang Yang Zhang, Managing Director of Xendit Philippines; and Mel Migrino, Chairman and President at Women in Security Alliance Philippines, and many more.

The Alatiris team was invited to attend the Fintech Revolution Summit 2023, an esteemed gathering of industry leaders and innovators from around the world. This invitation served as a testament to Alatiris’ growing knowledge within the fintech community. Excited to be able to attend the prestigious event, the team eagerly accepted the invitation. They see it as an opportunity to see innovative solutions, engage in informed discussions, and build important connections with key stakeholders in the fintech ecosystem.

The event was filled with a wealth of information on various aspects of Fintech, encompassing the latest advancements in technology within the realm of financial services. Attendees were treated to enlightening sessions that explored topics such as cryptocurrency, a digital or virtual currency that has been transforming the financial landscape. Experts delved into the intricacies of blockchain technology, highlighting its potential to revolutionize transactions, enhance security, and streamline processes across industries. Additionally, discussions on digital banking shed light on the innovative solutions and convenient services that are reshaping the way people interact with their finances. Participants had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into these key areas of Fintech, leaving them equipped with a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape and the potential it holds for shaping the future of the financial industry.